We volunteered again in Milparinka

14 -28 August

We left home Wednesday 10 August for Milparinka via Bourke - Tilpa - Broken Hill.

We did get home Friday 2 September via Noccundra - Cunnamulla - St George - Lightning Ridge - Coonabarabran

A total of 3,989k, including the two weeks in Milparinka.

For more details on Milparinka click here

And here we come, by John Murray.

The country had plenty of rain resulting in many road closures but also a vey green country side with so many flowers. Often it felt like driving through coastal parklands, but we were out west.

We knew we were back in the country where the aborigines call each other brother and sister.

The Darling River in Bourke can be dry, it can also reach the top of the wharf on the left.

Lunch was a feast every time and thanks to Mark's special arrangements, made so easy.

The roads along the "Darling" with one of its famous pubs and cattle near a grid

The "PALACE HOTEL" in Broken Hill

Catching up with Paul Brown in Wilcannia

We leave the Silver City Highway on our way to Pimpara Lake and Milparinka

We took it in turns to open and close the many gates separating subdivisions in the 6 or so properties along the 250k dirt road.

And then there it is - Milparinka, we are back after two years

For more details on Milparinka clicke here

"Loftus Street" with theAlbert Hotel and Court House in the back ground

Breakfast outside our cottage

Phoning from within the cottage meant bending over the sink

The sunsets can be breathtaking

Phil's (the publican) "mustering toy"

Rain is on its way

with so much space around, why build so close

Marie-Jeanne and Nico visited us, then Jim and Jean

a few days later, both couples from Victoria

We had dinner together in the "Two Storey Hotel" in Tibooburra to celebrate our aniversary

"Depot Glen" where Sturt and his men camped for six months. The doctor, James Pool, was the only one who died. He died of scurvy

This tree was marked at the time.

Here is where Sturt and Pool had this cairn built

to keep the men fit while waiting for the rain to come

On the left part of what is left of the 1889 Post Office

Our accomodation to the right and the police station to the left seen from the post office


Evelyn Creek, named after Sturt's brother, lush green

The dam with solar powered pump provides our water

Sunday 28 August we left Milparinka, 94k south, for the Noccundra Hotel 190k to the north,

going through "The dog fence" at Warri gate,

while driving the Silver City Highway

with flowers and

wild-life everywhere

No we did not come by plane like others, but we had

to drop dust before entering "town", (pub) only

This is not a garden, this is the flowering desert, absolutely beautiful. Flowers everywhere.

The engine is run in by now. Four years ago we clocked

200,000 on the way home, now the 300,000k

We came through in time, as a few days later this and many other roads were closed due to flooding.

The man from Cunnamulla

We stayed here five years ago


Bollon - another typical country pub


The Hebel Pub on the QLD / NSW border

Lightning Ridge with its

quirky buildings and atmosphere

The hole dug and the model for the Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin designed

"Australian Opal Centre" to be completed in a few years

The artist John Murray created the steel emu perched over the highway and painted the emu on show in the local RSL club on the right

We were able to please Mark and dirty the car

but it didn't last long

The Warrambungles

Yes we have been away and what a wonderful time we had